Professional Caregivers & Family Support

It may happen suddenly…or perhaps gradually. You realize your loved one needs more care at home. We have been where you are. We understand. We can help.

Always There Home Care is an RN owned, statewide boutique home care company serving the unique needs of seniors and their families.

We specialize in couple care, complex personal care, and individualized 24-hour care to meed care needs and client budget.

How We Help

Support for clients and loved ones day and night

Our caregivers and management team are available for clients and their families 24/7 via voice, text, or email. One of our goals in working with families is to be consistent and reliable, providing much needed continuity.

  • Support and guidance to family and loved ones
    Guidance is provided by our nurse owner and Care Coordinator as client condition either improves or declines. Family meetings, referral to community support agencies and other helpful community resources are all provided as complimentary services.
  • Managing and monitoring conditions
    Our focus is to help our clients avoid hospitalization or re-hospitalization by effectively managing and monitoring acute or chronic conditions at home.

We provide individualized specialized services which are tailored to meet clients’ unique and evolving needs.

  • 24 Hour Care
    Clients receive attentive support by mature, compassionate caregivers who maintain expert client care, safety and stability while respecting the family’s budget.
  • Peace of Mind
    Our companions are fully individually bonded and insured, and our team provides support 24/7.

Focused, experienced and individualized care

Mature, professional, compassionate care

Our experienced caregivers are knowledgeable and receive mentoring and support in all areas of elder care. You will find our caregivers to be loving, professional, and trustworthy.

  • Continuity of care
    Continuity of caregivers is a priority to ensure a trustful relationship between client, family and caregivers.

We exceed our clients’ and their family’s expectations in providing cost-effective, value-added services.

  • Complimentary Services
    Pet care, home handyman services, light gardening and assistance with other tasks are complimentary services.

Complimentary Services

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How We Help

Our Founder’s Story

Since our company’s inception in 2007, the landscape of private home care has evolved. We began as a family focused company, having cared for our loved ones at home through three generations. Consistent with these intrinsic values, we built a team of caregivers whose core values included care of their elders at home. In the ensuing years, the sheer number and complexity of home care providers created a dizzying array of options for families seeking care for their loved ones. Confusion was widespread.

We are now fiercely committed to HOME as the safest, most comfortable environment for chronic and acute disease care. At a time when excellent caregivers are scarce, we are blessed with a loyal group of mature, attentive staff. We became acutely aware of the tremendous needs of family members in need of support to maintain seniors safely in their own homes. Our care now is consumer driven and individualized with built in support and resources for families.

Clients have confidence in our caregivers and our support systems

Special praise from families for unforgettable caregivers who went above and beyond

Thanks to our team from a grateful special family

My brother and I have looked back often over what were the most stressful times we have ever faced as a family, and we are still overwhelmed by the devotion, sensitivity, skill and sense of humor that everyone at ATHC showed in caring for our parents.

We will always be grateful you came into our lives.

 – The Dovell family

Thanks from a long-distance loving nephew

The loving and skillful care provided to my aunt by the Always There caregivers, management, and staff brought her enormous joy and happiness in the last few years of her life. The regular pet therapy by your wonderful dog Casey truly brightened her days! Our family will never forget you.

 –Joe A.

Special end of life care and support to family

I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, kindness, and presence. Thank you for giving us a life raft when we needed it most. And for supporting my mother by helping her to maintain her dignity and independence.

 – Ann M.

We would love to hear from you

Reach out to us anytime at 800-348-0485 or by email at to learn more about our services or schedule a comprehensive home assessment, including a home safety analysis and recommendations.

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